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Maps of Magnamund

The Maps of Magnamund Collection comprise 36 super-detailed colour maps of the World of Magnamund. Illustrated by Francesco Mattioli, they combine exquisitely intricate maps on the front, with a world grid and useful background information on the reverse. They cover many previously uncharted geographic features, plus special sites and locations never before revealed to Lone Wolf aficionados. There are also scenario seeds for the Lone Wolf Adventure Game.

The Maps of Magnamund Collection is produced in sets of 4 maps. They are licensed and sold by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd., the company that publishes the Lone Wolf Adventure Game. Sets 1-7 are scheduled for publication in November 2015. You can pre-order Maps of Magnamund sets from Cubicle 7.

Set 1 (pre-order)

Set 2 (pre-order)

Set 3 (pre-order)

Set 4

Set 5

Set 6

Set 7

Set 8 (forthcoming)

Map 29: Kasland

Map 30: Starn, Boden & Ilion

Map 31: Central Tentarias

Map 32: Midsea & Eastern Tentarias

Set 9 (forthcoming)

Map 33: Siyen

Map 34: Lunarlia, Siyen & Naaros

Map 35: Kaum, Halia & Lunarlia

Map 36: Southern Lunaria & The Kelderwastes

Set 10 — Bonus Maps (forthcoming)

Map 37: Northern Sadi Desert

Map 38: Southern Sadi Desert

Map 39: Southern Kalte & Northern Darklands

Map 40: Southeastern Kalte & Northeastern Darklands

The World of Magnamund Poster Map (pre-order)


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