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Kai Grand Sentinel

Lone Wolf 20: The Curse of Naar Is Now Available!


You are the warrior Lone Wolf – Kai Grand Master of Sommerlund. After your victory over your evil alter-ego, Wolf’s Bane, you are forced to return to the Plane of Darkness. For there you glimpsed the fabled Moonstone and have sworn to save this gem of mystical power from the clutches of Naar – the King of Ultimate Darkness.

In The Curse of Naar you must venture once more through the Shadow Gate and confront the Dark God. Only by finding and retrieving the Moonstone can you hope to save your world from invasion by Naar’s armies of night.

In this ultimate Grand Master challenge, your life and the future of your entire world are at stake!

Printed on high quality paper and hardbound for durability, this latest Collector’s Edition will complement your existing Lone Wolf collection perfectly.

Please order your copy, signed and embossed with my personal library seal:

All orders will be dispatched within 48 hours of receiving payment.

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