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Annual Reports

[posting on behalf of Simon]

Attention fellow Kai

A full and unexpurgated report of the last twelve months’ activity of the elusive and secretive “Aon Project” has been leaked into the wild. It lists their achievements and experiments during 2011, and even projects their work over the coming year, though we all know how inaccurate those forecasts usually are.

On no account must we allow this information to be ignored or censored. To that end, I have placed it online, at great risk to myself. Hopefully, they won’t be able to find me before this information gas gone global. It is linked from this secret URL:

Be sure to publicise this, fellow Kai, before this secret brotherhood steal back the secrets of their nefarious schemes. Their secrecy knows no bounds, and they will stop at nothing to hide their very existence from the world.

What was that…? I’m sure I heard something downstairs…

Simon Osborne
(Project Aon)

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