Project Aon



The Editor's Companion is used to submit error reports and other comments.

Project Aon has established a Manual of Style to standardize how we present the Internet Editions.

The Online Lone Wolf Combat Success Calculator and the uncompiled C Lone Wolf Combat Success Probability Calculator program can be very helpful in determining the feasibility of certain combats. Warning: A known bug makes the returned probability of making it to a certain round incorrect.


  • SimpleOCR (Win; Freeware) Functional and free OCR software (converts scanned images into editable text).


For ease of submitting multiple text files, we suggest using some form of archival format. Archives in .zip, .sit, .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 formats are usually acceptable. Here's a list of free utilities (freeware and shareware) to read and create these archives. It's not absolutely necessary to use compressed archives but do you really want to attach 35 text files to your email message?

  • 7-zip (Win; Open source)
  • PowerArchiver (Win; Shareware) a highly recommended shareware program that deals with tar.gz and tar.bz2 formats as well as the usual zip format
  • FreeZip (Win; Freeware)
  • Stuffit Exapander (Win, Mac, Linux, Solaris; Freeware) Decompression only. Handles ZIP, BZ2, et al. decompression.
  • (Web-based) It doesn't have all the features of the other utilities mentioned, but if you don't have one of them at hand, it may come in handy in a pinch.

Web Server Access

It is preferred that all access to web server accounts be through SSH and SFTP

Password Management

  • Password Safe (Win; Open Source) - A password storage program for Windows originally created by security expert Bruce Schneier. Password Safe allows you to securely store, generate, and retrieve all of your passwords using one master password (use a good password and memorize it)
  • Password Gorilla (Win, OSX, Linux, Solaris, BSD, etc.; Open Source) A program in the same spirit as and compatible with Password Safe.
  • Random Password Generator - you won't need this if you use Password Safe or Password Gorilla