Project Aon

When we refer to "proofreading", we generally mean proofreading the the scanned text. The following list is a step-by-step guide to help you volunteer as a proofreader.

  1. Join the volunteers' mailing list if you haven't already.
  2. Make sure you have an unabridged version of the book you intend to proofread.
  3. Read the formatting rules if you have never done so or if it has been a while since you last proofread.
  4. Announce on the mailing list which sections you will proofread.
  5. Grab the appropriate file from the unassigned sections.
  6. Proofread and format it according to the rules that follow. Your job is to get the text to exactly reflect what was published in the books. Don't make any changes - no matter how obvious. Just make note of your suggested changes in a separate text file and submit it with the others. Making changes to the books is reserved for the next step in the process which is designed to provide peer review.
  7. Submit them back to us through the mailing list. Instead of attaching dozens of separate text files to an email, please compress them into one file and send that.

If you have questions, ask the other members of Project Aon on the members list.

Basic Rules of Formating

  1. Your submissions should be in only ASCII text. Most word processors have an option to save in ASCII text.
  2. Each section should be in its own .txt file named for its number. For example, section 1 would be in 1.txt, section 2 would be in 2.txt, etc.
  3. Each file begins with the title of the book on a line by itself.
  4. Following the title, without any blank lines in between, is the section number in the format "Section xxx".
  5. If there is an illustration associated with the section, the section number should be followed on a line by itself by the number of the illustration in the format "Illustration xx". Delete the reference to the illustration within the text itself (i.e. Illustration X Overleaf).
  6. Follow this header by a blank line.
  7. Each line should be flush with the left margin - no indentation.
  8. Each paragraph, list, combat, etc. is followed by a blank line. The exception is the last paragraph, list, or combat which does not need to be followed by a blank line. Note: Each of the choices at the end of the section should generally be in a paragraph by itself unless they are all part of a single, short sentence. In the case of multiple combats in one section, each combat should be seperated by blank lines as if it were its own paragraph..
  9. An ordered list should be started on the first line of a new paragraph. Each item should start on a new line and begin with its number followed immediately by a closing parenthesis and a space ") ". There shouldn't be any blank lines inside of the list.
  10. An unordered list will follow the same rules as the ordered list except each item will begin with a splat "*".
  11. All quotes (double quotes, back ticks "`", etc.) will be converted to single quotes, unless double quottation marks are truly necessary (i.e. a quote is within a quote).
  12. Delete all of the section number ranges that appear on the top of each page. These appear as either a single number "23" or as a range between two numbers "47-49".
  13. Delete all things like "cont'd over" that refer to physical printed pages.
  14. Check for subtle character substitutions like '0' for 'O' or '1' for 'l'. Using a font that makes the difference obvious is a really good idea. (Thanks Christian)
  15. We want to get it letter perfect, so take your time. We also want to be efficient but not at the expense of quality.

Here are a couple example files:

Flight from the Dark
Section 17

You raise your weapon to strike at the beast as its
razor-fanged mouth snaps shut just inches from your head.
Buffeted by the beating of its wings you find it difficult
to stand.

Deduct 1 point from your COMBAT SKILL and fight the Kraan.


If you kill the creature, you quickly descend the far side
of the hill to avoid the Giaks.

Pick a number from the Random Number Table.

If you pick 0, turn to 53.

If you pick 1-2, turn to 274.

If you pick 3-9, turn to 331.

Flight from the Dark
Section 63
Illustration 6

The wild old man is screaming at you. He blames you for the
war and curses the Kai Lords as agents of the Darklords. He
will not listen to reason and you must fight him.


If you win, turn to 269.