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Freeway Warrior Interview

This interview with Joe Dever regarding the Freeway Warrior series is courtesy of Librogame's Land, an Italian-language gamebook site. They have kindly allowed Project Aon to reproduce this interview in English as an exclusive download.

The four-book Freeway Warrior series was published in the UK between 1988-89 and follows the adventures of Cal Phoenix, a young survivor of a terrible attack. Set in a post-Apocalyptic United States in the year 2020, Cal and his surrogate family—Dallas Colony 1—must travel across the desolated mid-west in order to escape from the lawless biker gangs and the evil Mad Dog Michigan.

This interview covers the origins of the saga through to Joe's thoughts on his fiction reflecting modern-day worries. The document contains some spoilers for the series, though these are clearly marked, and so fans of Dever's work who would like some information on Freeway Warrior should be able to read the interview without having any important plot developments ruined.

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Author: Joe Dever/Alberto Orsini for Librogame's Land

Librogame's Land (Italian) (June 2008)

Project Aon (English) (16th June 2008)

Revised: N/A