Project Aon


The best thing since anything at all whatsoever!!!!
-- Ian Johnson

I say this with trepidation, once something hits the internet it is out in the public domain forever. I think its great that we'll finally be able to get the books easier, but also worried since then it will be totally up to us to keep the legend alive. Still, hopefully it will spread the popularity of the series and perhaps spawn a whole new internet culture. I am really really excited about the idea, except for the classics, I think this may be the first series (in entirety) that I know of that would ever have been published on the net with the author's allowance. Very much on the leading edge of internet publishing, very much the forefront of the information age. I like the idea, hopefully the rest of the internet does as well.
-- Sean-Robert Shaw

It was exciting to hear that the Lone Wolf books will be avilable again on the Internet. I think this move is a positive step forward for the continuation of the world of Magnamund. I have greatly enjoyed reading the series over the last fifteen years, and I look forward to enjoying them for many more. Thank you for bringing this world to me and many others.
-- Mark Laird

This is very cool news indeed. Since I'm quite young (16) and entered into the world of Lone Wolf late (about 2 years ago) I've never had the chance to get all of the books. This will be great opportunity for everyone. Thanks to all who made this possible.
-- Dan Evans

Amen...Hallelujah!! It is good to know that the blessing of Mr. Dever is upon us.... This news brightens my holiday. :)
-- Andrew Black

Hello, Mr. Dever. This is Mike Brislin, a list member who has been a fan of Lone Wolf for seven years, and am very happy to hear of this act of generosity on your par. I ask you to continue to do everything in you power to bring your wonderful books to a receptive publisher, and you can be assured that we will continue to support your series.
-- Mike Brislin

The books are going online? Wow. It'll be real sweet to be able to read Books 22 and 23 without having to pay a million dollars to get them... Many thanks to Joe Dever.
-- Steve Farrar

It is trully a godsend to finally receive the letter from Mr. Dever that we've all been so anxiously anticipating. Our daily prayers for reprints and our ardent efforts in literally searching every second hand book shop on the face of the earth just to uncover the Magnmamund Companion or the notorious Book 22 can finally come to rest as we wait patiently for such treasures to appear on the up-and-coming internet site.
-- Lawrence Ritchie

I think this an excellent idea, although as everyone will probably say it is a shame it can't be done in the real book format. I have been reading a lot of comments about the future of LW from the discussion group (i.e. LW RPG; companies that reprint out of print editions; other people finishing the series off etc. etc.). However, my interest these days is more nostalgic than active. Whilst I would buy the editions I haven't got (everything after Captives of Kaag if you can get them for me!!), as an adult and a father time is rather limited (and of course, stuff like Final Fantasy VII and VIII can fill the void left by Gamebooks!). Even so, the opportunity to have access to the end of Lone Wolf's story over the net in the absence of the printed form is better than nothing.

I think Joe Dever should be appreciated for the fact he is still interested in the people who have bought his books and followed his work. He can not make his publishers publish, but he has clearly offered something in the mean time.
-- Martin Hill

It's great (well not as great as buying nice-looking books with pictures); It will mean that I at last can play book 22! (and 16, 17 and 19)!
-- Henrik Eriksson

Joe, this is a fantastic idea, and I love it. Trying to find copies of your books is driving us batty here, and this would finally let us finish both the Lone Wolf and Freeway Warrior series. Thanks a million for doing this.
-- Sav

I would love to see all of Mr. Dever's books on the Internet, unless someone can find a way for the books beyond Curse of Naar to be published here in the United States.

If Mr. Dever gets this particular email, I'd like to thank him for a great collection of stories, and characters whom I came to love. Im 22, but my first experience with Lone Wolf was a random book purchase when I was about 10. The book was Chasm of Doom, and from then on I was hooked. Mr. Dever's books came along at a difficult time in my life, and I will always appreciate his work.

I must also say though, that i MUST somehow get the more recent books(preferably with the illustrations) Fight for publishing the full versions in the US(i love the books but no abridgments!)
-- Nick

Sorry for my poor English and expression.

I've been reading Mr. Dever's game books since 13 yrs old and still think that they are the best of all time. But I've stop playing them a few years ago ( I still purchase the game for collection once I spotted them.) The main reason is that I've found the game books are no longer appealing to me as they were when I was younger. Another reason is that I've found my new love: Legends of Lone Wolf. The books were so wonderfully written!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I was devastated when I've found out that Mr. Dever is not going to continue writing the Legends series because of the publishers issue.

Now that I've get to know that Mr. Dever is offering free downloads for his books, I can't help to feel excited. (The feeling is more than excited, but my poor command of English means that me I can't think of a more suitable word.) I will be very grateful if Mr. Dever and Mr. John Grant decide to continue the Legends ( after book12, The Rotting Land) and hopefully, post them on the internet for free downloads. ( I would like to be the first person to be inform if the two authors decided to do that!)

Best to all of you. Thank you and Bye.
-- Joelek of Singapore.

Hi, i'm a visitor to your site about the plans to give away Lone Wolf on the Internet. I think its a great idea, since many of us have a few missing copies of the entire series, and finding those missing ones are proving to be more and more of a pain. A fully html-ised version of the Lone Wolf series would definitely cause a resurgence in interest in the series too.
-- Joe

Hello, i'm Peter, a lone wolf (and fantasy) fan from germany. So far, i own only number 1 - 12 of the lone wolf series and number 1 - 4 of the greystar series. But no matter where i look, the other books aren't available. Well, is there a chance that volume 21 - 28 will be published, too ?????? Is this offer true, anyway ?????? I just can't believe it !!!!!!

Bye for now,
-- Peter

I would like to download the Lone Wolf series. I am a great fan among several others here in Greece, but so far there have been no publications of the series, though frinds of mine have acquired some foreign editions.

Sincere thanks
-- George Grivas

Joe Dever is obviously a true artist, as his primary interest lies in giving the benefit of his work to the public, rather than in the greed that his publishers show (and you can quote me on that).
-- Michael Feldman

I think it's a great idea to put the Lonewolf books on-line because I can personally attest that it is near impossible to find all of the books in the series. Especially now, with most of the books being out of print I have tried and tried to find those few titles that are unavailable and I have been unsuccessful so I would really appreciate to see the books put on-line seeing how I am a very big fan of the storyline and the choose your own adventure style in which the books are written. Thank-you for taking the time to read this letter.
--Kris Dubuque

I'm overjoyed and impressed. It takes a lot of love for one's work to do this, and I salute Joe Dever for it.
--Mike Beck

I just wanted to mention that I have been looking for the Lone Wolf series on the shelves for many year. Back in 1990, I stumbled upon the first two books in the series, and never looked back. Well, about five years ago, I lost all of my collected volumes to water damage (a piece of roof collapsed, and that was that). I was devastated. Well, recently, I though to myself that maybe, just maybe, the incredible interconnectivity of the internet might allow me to find some copies of the books that I had lost myself in for years. I bought every volume I could find, and read the supplemental companion, the World of Lone Wolf and even Freeway Warrior series. Suddenly, I stumbled upon the Aon project when I searched the on-line engines. This is amazing. Thank you so much...
--R. J. Norris

I think that the concept of having the books easier to obtain through downloads would be great. However, I also believe that you would miss something with downloads. There is just something about the feel, look, and smell of the traditional books. Personally, I just think that it would be better to reprint everything and have this site exclusively sell Lone Wolf books. Just imagine the amount of money that could be obtained if you just simply reprinted Book #22 in huge amount of volumes in English. I understand that the Italian version is still being printed but my Italian isn't very good. Think about it!
--Sean Theriault

Hi Mr Dever. May I thank you for distributing the books online. I have been a fan of Lone Wolf for 6 years. I'd like to ask, if I may, will there be a book after the Hunger of Sejanoz in the near future? Thanks,
--Will Turton

When I saw the link leading to the Project Aon website, I nearly fainted. I believe my heart literally skipped a beat. Many long years I have been waiting for such an event, as physically finding the books has proven impossible. I'm also to lazy to REALLY try; that's my fault. Nevertheless, many nostalgic longings to read the Lone Wolf series will be greatly diminished. It will, eventually, also give me a chance to read past book 14, as I never had a chance to do so. I whole-heartedly applaud any and all (not to mention Joe Dever, who allowed this to happen, as well as wrote the books we all love (as if that were some small task)) who are involved with this project. If I had any of the books I would be involved myself (for that I couldn't be lazy), but alas, it cannot be. Good luck to all that are involved.
--Chaba Sandor

This is a fantastic idea!! I have been looking for the missing books in my collection for many years, but I have be unable to find them. The unsuccessful search has driven me crazy. Thank you so much Joe Dever. You have restored my hope for finding the books that I am missing.
--Michael Piccone

I think that making the Lone Wolf books available on the Internet is will be yet another way in which you've proved to your fans that you care about their interest and enthusiasm for the series, and that you aren't going to let "business" get in the way of putting your books in the hands of the fans...just in a different format in this case! I've hunted all over, both online and at used bookstores, and Lone Wolf books have been few and far between. With some of the books not even available in the United States from what I understand, this will be the first time many of us have a chance to read them. I sincerely hope that at some point, the Legends books can be made available on the Internet as well; it seems that by the time I was getting deeply interested in the books, they were nowhere to be found. This is a wonderful service that you are doing for your fans, and all the more reason for us to continue our interest in your books.
--Ryan McAtee

I have to say a really, really big thank you to Joe Dever and his generosity. Making these books available on the internet for free is especially welcome. I have been trying to order some Lone Wolf books from Waterstones, but they haven't come yet althought it's been about 20 weeks. This Aon Project is a huge sigh of relief as I thought that I would never be able to obtain these classics. I just have to say a big thank you to everyone who's involved in this fantastic scheme.
--Kenny Wong

Dear Mr. Joe Dever, I have been a fan of the Lone Wolf series since my early teens, I am now twenty-two, and (of the Lone Wolf series) I own books one through nineteen (I couldn't find the rest of them -- believe me I am always searching!), also one through four of the World of Lone Wolf (with Grey Star), as well as books one and two of Freeway Warrior, and the White Warlord/Black Baron combat books. Once upon a time I owned the wonderful Magnamund Companion, but it was stolen from me in my high school days, and I have been scouring the planet for another copy ever since... Now I find the answer to all of my prayers, dreams, and hopes -- Project Aon! Lone Wolf was the first role-playing game I had ever experienced, and it opened my eyes to new games (to this day I own around six-thousand dollars worth of RPG materials, several out-of-print). Had it not been for Joe Dever's Lone Wolf book 7, "Castle Death," I would not have found out about the many RPGs that exist -- and for that matter, I would never have gotten into the social circles that play those games -- and, maybe I go too far, but it was all of these events that set up the meeting between myself and the wonderful woman who became my wife! I feel that this is the greatest gift that a fan could ever receive from an artist that he has looked up to for so long. And, at great risk of sounding a bit sappy, it is with tears of joy that I thank you -- finally, my Lone Wolf collection will be complete. Thank you Mr. Joe Dever, and thank you Project Aon.
-- Robert Chad Blevins

Hi. I'm a fan of Lone Wolf from Québec, Canada. I discovered the series Loup Solitaire ( Lone Wolf) some 15 years ago when I was in junior high. One of the first book I read in the series was Flight from the Dark ( Les Maîtres des Ténébres in French ). I was hooked. This was the first of the many adventures I had on the long road to Kai mastery. After finishing the Prisoners of Times, my interest in the series eventually waned until a couple of years ago when I discovered books 12, 13, 14 ( the French versions). I went back to the wonderful world of Magnamund for a brief time again. The experience wasn't quite the same as when I was younger, but I greatly appreciated it nonetheless because it brought back cherished memories of my younger days when I first became acquainted with the Lone Wolf series. There is only one other reading experience in my teen that conjured as much magic and wonder as Lone Wolf, and that is JRR Tolkien's The Lords of the Rings.Thanks for the great experience, Mr Dever. Long live the Aon Project and Lone Wolf!
-- Martin Gagnon