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18: Dawn of the Dragons

Not Errata

Fixed Errata
[All occurrences (or just some?) of on to -> onto]
[Should all signpost text be displayed in <signpost> tags? (cf. 14, 19, 20, 31, 62, 74, 85, 90, 110, 111, 112, 138, 168, 174, 194, 209, 212, 244, 260, 308, 313, 323, 342)]
[jb: I'm going to try a <signpost> around a <table> in 14 to see how it works out.]
[jb: need to create errata for 14, 85, 110, 174, 260]
(er)Title Page:new order -> New Order [LM]
(er)Title Page:fire-eating -> fire-breathing
(er)Dedication:Nancy & Amy -> Nancy, & Amy [LM]
(er)The Story So Far:Lone Wolf, of Sommerlund, -> Lone Wolf of Sommerlund,
(er)The Story So Far, 8, 136:elite -> élite
(er)The Story So Far:Naar - the King -> Naar, the King
(er)The Story So Far:freestate -> Freeland
(er)The Story So Far:monastery of the Kai -> Monastery of the Kai
(er)The Story So Far:time at the Monastery -> time at the monastery
(er)The Story So Far:Kai lord -> Kai Lord
(er)The Story So Far[x2]:new-found -> newfound
(er)The Story So Far:level of the Monastery -> level of the monastery
(er)The Game Rules:that you will find in the front of this book. For ease of use, and for further adventuring , [sic] it is recommended that you photocopy these pages. [so: remove]
(er)The Game Rules:ie, -> i.e., [x2]
(er)The Game Rules:ENDURANCE points fall to zero -> ENDURANCE points fall to zero or below
(er)Grand Master Disciplines:limited immunity to flames, toxic gases, corrosive liquids. -> limited immunity to flames, toxic gases, and corrosive liquids.
(er)Grand Master Disciplines [x2]:battle wounds -> battle-wounds
(er)Disciplines:against - hypnosis, -> against hypnosis,
(er)Disciplines:smell and -> smell, and
(er)Disciplines:COMBAT SKILL -> ENDURANCE [so: as per Lone Wolf Club Newsletter 24]
(er)Disciplines:Magi-Magic -> Magi-magic
(er)Disciplines:battle magic -> battle-magic
(er)Disciplines:opposite and overleaf -> below
(er)Disciplines:venoms and toxins -> venoms, and toxins [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)Disciplines[Kai-screen]:The strength and capacity of these fortresses increases -> increase [LeRoy McSwain Feb 2007]
(er)Disciplines [Telegnosis]:Duration, and the protection of his inanimate body, increases -> Duration and the protection of his inanimate body increase [LeRoy McSwain Feb 2007]
(er)Disciplines:with one of your Grand Master weapons -> with one of your Grand Weaponmastery weapons [LM]
[so: This affects the other GM books]
(er)Disciplines:Grand Huntmastery -> footnote re: meals [DED: It is only in the Equipment section that is says "If you have chosen the Discipline of Grand Huntmastery as one of your skills, you will not need to tick off a Meal when instructed to eat." I was playing last night and I didn't read this line until after I'd already chosen Grand Huntmastery, and then chosen 2 Meals for my equipment. We could add a footnote here to explain the relevance of Huntmastery to meals]
[jb: Add to main body as (er)]
(er)Equipment:(see the inside front cover of this book) [so: remove]
(er)Equipment:safe-keeping -> safekeeping
(er)Equipment:2 MEALS Each -> 2 MEALS (Meals) Each
(er)Equipment:effect that may have -> effect they may have
(er)Equipment:Gold Crowns
The currency of central Northern Magnamund is the Lune, but Gold Crowns are readily accepted at an exchange rate of four Lune for every 1 Gold Crown. [so: add this]
(er)Equipment:combat, therefore -> combat; therefore
(er)Equipment:put items in Initial Capitals
(er)Equipment:arrow(s) -> Arrow(s) [so: all]
(er)Equipment:bow -> Bow [so: all]
(er)Equipment:quiver -> Quiver
(er)Equipment:eg, -> e.g.
(er)Equipment:a sword or an axe -> a Sword or an Axe [LM / jb]
(er)Rules for Combat:This process of combat continues until ENDURANCE points of either the enemy or Lone Wolf are reduced to zero, at which point the one with the zero score is declared dead. If Lone Wolf is dead, the adventure is over. If the enemy is dead, Lone Wolf proceeds but with his ENDURANCE points reduced. -> This process of combat continues until the ENDURANCE points of either the enemy or Lone Wolf are reduced to zero or below, at which point that combatant is declared dead. If Lone Wolf is dead, the adventure is over. If the enemy is dead, Lone Wolf proceeds but with his ENDURANCE points possibly reduced.
(er)Rules for Combat:on the inside back cover of this book [so: remove]
(er)Rules for Combat:on the page after the Random Number Table -> in the back of this book
(er)Rules for Combat:Lone Wolf (COMBAT SKILL 32) -> Lone Wolf (COMBAT SKILL 27)
(er)Rules for Combat:adds 3 points -> adds 8 points
(er)Levels:[Move this section of the book to its normal position after Rules for Combat.]
(er)Improved Disciplines:ultra-vision -> ultravision [ik: consistent with infravision as per PAMoS]
(er)Improved Disciplines:ultra-violet -> ultraviolet [ik: as in 16tlov, 17tdoi]
(er)Improved Disciplines:Grand Kai-surge -> Kai-surge
(er)Improved Disciplines:eg, -> e.g.
(er)Improved Disciplines:jugs etc, -> jugs etc.,
(er)Improved Disciplines:urns, jugs etc -> urns, jugs, etc [LM]
[jb: already fixed?]
(er)Improved Disciplines:through the Shadow Gates -> through Shadow Gates
(er)Improved Disciplines:platinum and silver -> platinum, and silver
(er)Improved Disciplines:targetted -> targeted
(er)Improved Disciplines:Old Kingdom battle-spells -> Old Kingdom Battle-spells
(er)Improved Disciplines:'Improved Grand Master Disciplines' -> Improved Grand Master Disciplines
(er)Improved Disciplines:The range and duration of effect of this spell increases -> The range and duration of effect of this spell increase [LM]
(er)Improved Disciplines:spell, a Kai Grand Thane is able -> spell, Kai Grand Thanes are able [LM/JB]
(er)Improved Disciplines:of their detection -> of detection [LM] [JB]
(er)Kai Wisdom:[Move this section of the book to its normal position after Improved Grand Master Disciplines.]
(er)Kai Wisdom:at all,. -> at all.
(er)1:Tentarlas -> Tentarias
(er)1:(see the inside front cover of this book) [delete]
(er)1:its Captain -> its captain
(er)2, 5, 46, 52, 54, 79, 129, 174, 227, 262, 273, 274, 306:Brotherhood spell -> Brotherhood Spell
(er)3, 193, 245, 259, 331:to try and -> to try to
[so: Does this affect other books?]
[dr: What's supposed to be wrong with "try and"?]
[jb: colloquial speech]
(er)4:cloud...are ->
(er)4, 49, 58, 178:Tower -> tower
(er)4 [x3], 24, 29, 40, 49, 51, 64, 78 [x3], 80 [x2], 88, 96, 108, 114, 127, 139 [x2], 141, 145, 158, 178 [x2], 180 [x2], 192 [x2], 196, 233 [x2], 247, 250 [x2], 256, 272, 282, 288, 291 [x2], 314, 328, 344, 346:lavas -> Lavas [so: as per TDoI Sect218 x3]
(er)7, 73:out-run -> outrun [PAMoS]
(er)8, 10, 40 [x2], 49, 54 [x2], 100 [x3], 108, 134 [x2], 136, 139 [x2], 141 [x2], 180, 233, 258, 276, 282, 291 [x2], 331, 350:Sun-Crystal -> Sun-crystal
(er)9, 37, 297, 322:Old Kingdom spell -> Old Kingdom Spell
(er)8, 136:shoulder, 'you -> shoulder. 'You
(er)11:of River Kinam -> of the River Kinam
(er)13:Magnakai healing -> Magnakai Curing
(er)13:and to well-established -> and too well-established
(er)14, 85, 110, 174, 260:5 arrows -> 5 Arrows
(er)14, 85, 110, 174, 260:North-Chod-250 miles West-Holona-50 miles South-Tenzha-20 miles [IK: probably a <table>?]
(er)15:eh boys -> eh, boys
(er)17:troop . . . are -> troop . . . is [so: see context]
(er)20, 90, 112, 168, 194, 308:says: LIBRARY. -> says: 'LIBRARY'. [LM]
(er)20:he says, 'Come -> he says. 'Come
(er)21:life and your journey home to Sommerlund ends -> life and your journey home to Sommerlund end [LM]
(er)23:Matho's potion -> Matho's Potion
(er)24, 54, 108, 134, 141, 233, 276, 288, 291, 344:the Gate -> the Shadow Gate
(er)26, 69, 71, 94, 108, 145, 172, 187, 196, 203, 206, 211, 217, 228, 230, 232, 233, 250, 252, 264, 276, 345:Kai mastery -> Kai Mastery
(er)27, 197, 320:a single file...are -> a single [SO][LM]
(er)27 [x2], 133, 185, 197 [x2], 320 [x2]:dug-out -> dugout
(er)28:less than 5 -> fewer than 5 [so: see context]
(er)29, 40 [x2], 49, 256 [x2], 272, 282:Raven's Eerie -> Raven's Eyrie [LM]
[jb: This certainly makes sense, but I hesitate because it's a proper noun and therefore not required to make sense. :) Thoughts?]
[NM: I vote for Raven's Eyrie.]
(er)30, 53, 332:cold dark waters -> cold, dark waters [LM]
(er)30, 33:less turn -> less, turn
(er)31:says: Casiorn 260 miles -> says: 'Casiorn 260 miles' [LM]
(er)31:dancer" ' he -> dancer",' he
(er)31:--your friend Guildmaster Banedon's flying ship, -> --your friend Guildmaster Banedon's flying ship-- [LM]
(er)31:he beams -> He beams
(er)31:he beams -> He asks [caption]
(er)31:High Mayor -> High-Mayor
(er)31:Mayor. What -> Mayor, what
(er)32, 115:anger and pain -> anger, and pain
(er)33:Eldenoran horse-scouts -> Eldenoran Horse-scouts [LM]
(er)36:had been nailed -> has been nailed
(er)36:owner, 'Very -> owner. 'Very
(er)36:curing and animal control -> Curing and Animal Control
(er)36:new-born -> newborn
(er)36:head, 'she's -> head. 'She's [LM]
(er)39, 253:glass and -> glass, and
(er)40, 256:north-west -> northwest
(er)40, 184, 256, 268, 348:Durncrag mountains -> Durncrag Mountains
(er)40:semi-circular -> semicircular [PAMoS]
(er)40:Telegnosis turn -> Telegnosis, turn
(er)40:cavemouth -> cave mouth
(er)42:run down -> run-down
(er)43:barren plateau -> a barren plateau
(er)44:Anskaven -> Anskavern
(er)44:Tyso, 'He -> Tyso. 'He
(er)44:heavy, 'The -> heavy, 'the
(er)44:new order -> New Order [so: maybe?]
(er)46:the levitation spell -> the <spell>Levitation</spell> spell [so: Or, 'the spell']
(er)48:resonant, 'Welcome -> resonant. 'Welcome
(er)49:says. The -> says. 'The
(er)50:rounds by -> rounds, by
(er)51:Gr..Grand -> Gr<ch.ellips/> Grand
(er)51, 346:Gods! -- Our -> Gods! Our
(er)51:eyes, 'you -> eyes. 'You
(er)51:golden light: they are -> golden light: it is [LM]
(er)51, 346:warmly -> warm
(er)52, 137, 269, 273:(imposters) -> (impostors)
(er)52, 137, 269, 273:Castle guardsmen (impostors) -> Castle Guardsmen (impostors) [LM]
(er)52:reduce you -> reduce your
(er)53, 218, 224:Sadly your -> Sadly, your
(er)53, 218, 224:your life and your journey...comes -> your life and your journey...come [SO][LM]
(er)56, 90, 112, 121, 194, 240, 308:Lone Wolf adventure [italicise "Lone Wolf"]
(er)56:horse ready -> horse, ready [LM]
(er)57:Eldenoran assault troops; -> Eldenoran Assault Troops: [LM]
(er)59:points.) -> points).
(er)59:any more -> anymore
(er)60:land." -> land.'
(er)61, 198:tunic, 'What -> tunic. 'What
(er)61, 198:gulleys -> gullies
(er)61, 198:Kai-screen -> Psi-screen
(er)61, 198:lest it detects -> lest it detect (i think the subjunctive is required here) [LM]
(er)61, 198:In the name of the Gods!
(er)63:counter-charge -> countercharge [PAMoS]
(er)63, 336:Eldenoran brigands -> Eldenoran Brigands [LM]
(er)63:this wave...come -> this wave...comes
(er)67:Very well then -> Very well, then
(er)71, 203, 274:ultra-violet -> ultraviolet [ik: as in 16tlov, 17tdoi]
(er)72:cry, 'We -> cry. 'We
(er)72:follow me -> Follow me [LM]
(er)73, 216:Eldenoran war-dogs (in blood-frenzy) -> Eldenoran War-dogs (in blood-frenzy) [LM]
(er)75:say, 'can -> say. 'Can
(ft)76, 242, 243:[Do you lose possession of the Bow?]
[Melvin Mah: discard -> shoulder]
(er)76, 102, 173, 178, 192, 196, 242, 243, 265, 297 [x2], 334, 336, 341:arrow -> Arrow
(er)76, 156, 196, 242, 243 [x2], 285 [x2], 293, 336, 341:bow -> Bow
(er)79, 95, 254:dimly-lit -> dimly lit
(er)80:doormouse -> dormouse
(er)80:Bow and -> Bow, and
(er)80:The herd of coppery-red dragons continue their -> The herd of coppery-red dragons continues its (singular cf. ref. 54) [LM]
(er)81:grasssnake -> grass snake
(er)81:legs, With -> legs. With
(er)82:Old Kingdom battle-spell -> Old Kingdom Battle-spell
(er)84:Vellino', -> Vellino,'
(er)86:shout, 'String -> shout. 'String
(er)86, 246:stammers, 'I -> stammers. 'I
(er)86, 246:uneasily, 'I -> uneasily. 'I
(er)86:Scade, with -> Scade with
(er)87, 218:hissing cloud of arrows and bolts descend -> hissing cloud of arrows and bolts descends [LM]
(er)89:[Do you keep the Dagger? If so, dagger -> Dagger]
(er)89:a glowing heap mark -> a glowing heap marks
(er)90, 112, 194, 308:says, 'I -> says. 'I
(er)90, 112, 194, 308:words: HALLS OF LEARNING -> words: 'HALLS OF LEARNING' [LM]
(er)92:river Quarl -> River Quarl
(er)92, 176:great forest -> Great Forest
[jb: Everywhere else "great forest" is uncapitalized. Where "Forest of Salony" is capitalized, it's our fault. Perhaps we should revert back to "forest of Salony" and also change "Forest of Ruel" to "forest of Ruel".]
[jb: cf. 24rw Sections 49 and 110: Yeah, it seems that Great Forest is used as a proper noun. Accepting that, I agree to whatever changes are needed to bring other books in line.]
(er)94:D'Val -> D'Val [incorrect smart quote in book]
(er)94, 280:Alema trail -> Alema Trail
(er)95:psi-surge -> Psi-surge
(er)96:ability -- Mindblend -- -> ability of Mindblend [and encode Mindblend as Spell][or, <spell>Mindblend</spell> ability]
(er)97:another, 'cough -> another. 'Cough
(er)99:incessant cawing and the crash of its leathery wings against the upper branches brings -> incessant cawing and the crash of its leathery wings against the upper branches bring [LM]
(er)100:Gwynian, 'Just -> Gwynian. 'Just
(er)100:moment longer, I must -> moment longer; I must [LM]
(er)100:maximum possible -> maximum number possible
(er)101:cry, 'we -> cry. 'We
(er)101:feet first -> feet-first [ik: PAMoS, adverb]
(er)102:agonising -> agonizing
(er)104:cried, 'I'm -> cries. 'I'm
(er)104:while away -> wile away
(er)105:D'Val -> D'Val [so: incorrect smart quote in book]
(er)105:253 -> 235
(er)107, 183, 278:Eldenoran ambushers -> Eldenoran Ambushers [LM]
(er)109:1 Broadsword -> Broadsword
(er)111, 342:her majesty -> her Majesty [LM]
(er)111, 342:It reads: VANAMOR 280 miles. -> It reads: 'VANAMOR 280 miles'. [LM]
(er)111:[jc: I fear the third paragraph is nonsense. There is no village of Sharr to the east of Garthen, neither flows river Phoen there. It seems very similar to book 8 section 271. According to this, the real village of Sharr is near the city of Phoena, where also could be a bridge spanning river Phoen.]
[so: Mounted on fine Talestrian steeds, your party leaves the walled city of Garthen by its East Gate and sets off towards the outlying village of Sharr. Here you cross the mighty River Phoen by way of a great stone bridge. -> Mounted on fine Talestrian steeds, your party leaves the walled city of Garthen by its East Gate. Here you cross a great stone bridge on the far side of which you notice a signpost pointing to the east.]
[bk: Out of curiosity, do we have any map from another book that names the river by Garthen? It would be nice if we could provide a name.]
[jb: Is it just me, or does this seem to really refer to the "village of Scade" and the "River Kinam"?]
[jb: Looking into it further, this doesn't hold up. It's not until much later (section 11) that you reach Scade and the River Kinam. Unless we can find the name of the river, I guess we should go with the suggestion. We'd also need to fix 210 and 342.]
(er)112:facade -> façade
(er)114:sky, 'and -> sky. 'And
(er)114:battle spells -> battle-spells
(er)114:first wave of winged beasts come -> first wave of winged beasts comes [LM]
(er)116, 125, 151, 280, 298:treeline -> tree-line
(er)120:Hail Tranius! -> Hail, Tranius!
(er)120:72 -> 72.
(er)120:Nathor, 'It's -> Nathor. 'It's
(er)120:spluttering candles -> sputtering candles [ik] [dd] [bk]
(er)121:smile, 'I -> smile. 'I
(er)121:replies, 'the -> replies. 'The
(er)121:time, I -> time; I
(er)121:e'er -> e'en
(er)122, 276, 338:Kai alchemy -> Kai-alchemy
(er)125:Discipline turn -> Discipline, turn
(er)127:flight of lavas emerge -> flight of lavas emerges [LM]
(er)131:the worse effects -> the worst effects
(er)132:gaoler, 'I've -> gaoler. 'I've
(er)132:[so: Remove paragraph break between "pincers.//'I"]
(er)132:'He's a tough 'un,' -> 'He's a tough un,' [LM]
(er)133:the line...have -> the line...has
(er)135:'they look -> 'They look [LM]
(er)137:a yelling horde of bogus castle guardsmen come rushing from out of the gatehouse with their -> a yelling horde of bogus castle guardsmen comes rushing from out of the gatehouse with its [LM]
(er)138:bulls-eye -> bull's-eye
(er)140:tersely, 'he's -> tersely. 'He's
(er)140:Scade manor -> Scade Manor
(er)140:Tranius's -> Tranius' [cf. Corrections made in Book 23]
(er)142, 250:Kai rank of -> rank of Kai
(er)142:back-handed -> backhanded [so: maybe?]
[ik: 'back-handed' occurs in 06tkot (78), 13tplor (289), 18dotd (142); 'backhanded' occurs in 19wb (244), 20tcon (234); so there doesn't seem to be a strong tendency towards one or the other]
[jb: Fix it]
(er)143:discipline -> Discipline
(er)146, 154:birdsong -> bird song [PAMoS]
(er)147:winged-horrors -> winged horrors
(er)147:your Monastery -> your monastery
(er)147:monastery of the Kai -> Monastery of the Kai
(er)147:quietly. 'the -> quietly. 'The
(er)147:my men men -> my men [LM]
(er)147:previous encounter -> previous experience [lm: i.e. it's one or two previous encounters]
(er)148:Magnakai healing disciplines -> Magnakai Curing Discipline [so: or similar][ik: agreed, though I propose Magnakai Discipline of Curing]
(er)149:every outwardly appearance -> every outward appearance [LM]
(er)150:damp uncomfortable -> damp, uncomfortable
(er)154:Vaderish brethren -> Vaderish Brethren
(er)155:sixth sense -> Sixth Sense
(er)155:gang of scurrilous rogues emerge from the shadows and come -> gang of scurrilous rogues emerges from the shadows and comes [LM]
(er)157:Reloni bridge -> Reloni Bridge
(er)157:emotion, 'I'm -> emotion. 'I'm
(er)158:sky, 'and -> sky. 'And
(er)158:says, 'yours -> says. 'Yours
(er)158:your side, so too -> your side; so too ('so' is an adverb in this case) [LM]
(er)159:Animal Mastery add 1 -> Animal Mastery, add 1 [LM]
(er)161:infra-vision -> infravision [ik: PAMoS]
(er)163:mastery of Kai-alchemy -> Kai-alchemy
(er)163:If you possess any Sabito, or if you possess Kai-alchemy, add 3 -> [lm: is this 3 per each?]
[jb: added a footnote: "It is not certain whether you can add 3 for Sabito and also 3 for Kai-alchemy simultaneously, but that is a reasonable interpretation."]
(er)164:nadziranim magicians -> Nadziranim magicians [IK: as in all other books]
(er)167, 311:Eldenoran thug -> Eldenoran Thug [LM]
(er)168:recognise -> recognize
(er)168:Sage, 'I -> Sage. 'I
(er)168:says: Quill Street. -> says: 'Quill Street'. [LM]
(er)170:Silversmith's Guild -> Silversmiths' Guild
(er)175:Varnos harbour -> Varnos Harbour
(er)175, 210:wharfs -> wharves [so: wharfs is a verb]
(er)176, 244:forest of Salony -> Forest of Salony
(er)177, 327:riverbank -> river bank
(er)177, 327:city walls and its famous -> city's walls and its famous [LM]
(er)178:Tower's -> tower's
(er)178:a cloud...are -> a
(er)179, 189, 214:animal control -> Animal Control
(er)180:Kai master -> Kai Master
(er)180:layed -> laid
(er)180:replies, 'though -> replies.
(er)180:hopes; -> hopes:
(er)181:naptha -> naphtha
(er)187, 305:lying face-down [so: is this OK?]
[ik: 'lying face down' occurs 8 times while 'lying face-down' occurs only thrice in lw01-lw20; so I'd say -> lying face down]
(er)188:(if you -> (If you [LM]
(er)189, 203, 276, 338:Kai alchemy -> Kai-alchemy
(er)190:zig-zags -> zigzags
(er)190 [Cap]:who've -> who have [so: paragraph says 'who have']
(er)191:eat a Meal and lose 3 ENDURANCE -> eat a Meal or lose 3 ENDURANCE [SO][LM]
(er)195:5- -8 -> 5-8
(er)196, 232:Sun Lord, or higher -> Sun Lord or higher
(er)201:brave Sir -> brave sir (cf. ref. 123) [LM]
(er)202, 238:co-operation -> cooperation
(er)202:3 arrows -> 3 Arrows
(er)202:a line...come -> a line...comes
(er)202:half mile -> half-mile
(er)204:delight, 'I -> delight. 'I
(er)204:Darklords War -> Darklands War [cf. Section 84]
(er)207:spy-glass -> spyglass
[IK: as everywhere else in this book]
(er)208:You give thanks to your friend Banedon -> LM: It's also possible to receive this item from Gwynian in 16tlov]
[jb: Also in Castle Death.]
(er)209:You sense that plague has recently visited this town as well [LM: the phrasing 'as well' seems to presuppose that the reader observed the effects of plague in nursha, but if the reader followed the path 212 to 3, no signs of plague were encountered. I'm not sure if this ought to be changed or not.]
(er)209:reads the message: Abisko--25 miles. -> reads the message: 'Abisko--25 miles'. [LM]
(er)210:Vaderish monastery -> Vaderish Monastery
(er)210:monk's -> monks'
(er)210:River Phoen -> river [jb: It's not until much later (section 11) that you reach Scade and the River Kinam. Unless we can find the name of the river, I guess we should go with the suggestion [cf. 111, 342]. We'd also need to fix 111 and 342.]
(er)212, 245, 250:new order -> New Order
(er)212:Abisko, turning -> Abisko, by turning
(er)212:Narsha -> Nursha (cf. ref. 313) [LM]
(er)212:two words: Narsha Stables. -> two words: 'Nursha Stables'. [LM]
(er)215, 226, 263:shouts, 'Ride -> shouts. 'Ride
(er)216:pack launch a simultaneous attack and come -> pack launches a simultaneous attack and comes [LM]
(er)217:tracks of quicksand -> tracts of quicksand
(er)218:half-way -> halfway
(er)220:plague-lords -> Plague Lords
(er)222:guildhouse -> guild-house [as per 06tkot Section 25 et al]
(er)223, 329:rock face -> rock-face [IK]
(er)223:hand hold -> handhold [IK]
(er)226:wound it -> wound, it
(er)227:fatique -> fatigue
(er)231:inkeeper -> innkeeper
(er)231:kind Sir -> kind sir [LM]
(er)232:Sun Thane, or higher -> Sun Thane or higher
(er)236:horsedrawn -> horse-drawn [as per 02fotw, 04tcod, and 05sots
(er)236, 290, 335:backpack and -> backpack, and
(er)236, 290, 335:Special Items however -> Special Items, however
(ft)236, 290, 335:[so: Surprisingly, you retain all your weaponlike Special Items.]
(er)237:ear, 'you -> ear. 'You
(er)238:graciously, 'we -> graciously. 'We
(er)238:Garthanians -> Garthenians [LM]
(er)238:your majesty -> your Majesty (cf. ref. 126) [LM]
(er)247:every-decreasing -> ever-decreasing [IK: as in section 88]
(er)249:accent, 'I -> accent. 'I
(er)250:Kai monastery -> Kai Monastery
(er)250:battle banner -> battle-banner [also in Caption--(er)]
(er)252:Royal chamber -> Royal Chamber [or, royal chamber]
(er)252:friends Banedon and Rimoah, -> friends, Banedon and Rimoah, [LM]
(er)255, 307:at the beginning of this book [so: remove]
(er)256 [x3]:the Monastery -> the monastery
(er)256:Durncrag tower -> Durncrag Tower
(er)256:Kai savant -> Kai Savant
(er)256:Kai lords -> Kai Lords
(er)256:Hall, 'the -> Hall. 'The
(er)256:door, 'the -> door. 'The
(er)256:the anniversary of the First Order -> the death anniversary of the First Order
(er)256:Shadow Gale -> Shadow Gate [LM]
(er)256:sun-god Kai -> sun-God Kai [lm: cf. ref. 64 'the Dark God' and elsewhere]
[SO: sun-god Kai -> Sun God Kai]
[jb: "Sun-god Kai" because "God" is only capitalized because it is a title, not because those three letters should begin with a capital G. In this case "Sun-god" is the title, and only the first letter of a hyphenated word is generally capitalized. Also fixed in 13tplor.]
(er)256:cloud are -> cloud is
(er)257:headlong down a chute which leads to a fast-flowing underground river. You hit the cold waters feet-first [LM: Does he spin inside the chute? Parallel section reads 'head-first' cf. ref. 149]
(er)258:your life and the future of Sommerlund ends here. -> your life and the future of Sommerlund end here. [LM]
(er)259:Alright stranger, -> Alright, stranger, [LM]
(er)259:backpack -> Backpack [so: maybe?]
[ik: no, although suprisingly in 317 "Backpack" is capitalized]
(er)260:animal mastery -> Animal Mastery
(er)261:gas effects -> gas' effects [LM]
(er)261:Magnakai healing Disciplines -> Magnakai Curing Discipline [ik: agreed, though I propose Magnakai Discipline of Curing]
(er)269:horde of bogus castle guardsmen come rushing into the stables with their -> horde of bogus castle guardsmen comes rushing into the stables with its [LM]
(er)270:new-found -> newfound
(er)270:Cener druid -> Cener Druid
(er)270:panic-struck -> panic-stricken [ik: the latter occurs 5 times in 3 books; the former does not occur anywhere else]
(er)271:By the Gods,
(er)275, 315:camp fire -> campfire
(er)275:you lay awake -> you lie awake [SO][LM]
(er)277:Pouch of tobacco -> Pouch of Tobacco
(er)277:potions of Laumspur -> Potions of Laumspur
(er)278:emerge -> emerges [LM]
(er)279:lording -> lordling
(er)280:Lone Wof -> <cite>Lone Wolf</cite>
(er)285:Magi-magic and -> Magi-magic, and
(er)285:skills, (or -> skills (or [SO][LM]
(er)286, 312:mindforce -> Mindforce
(er)286:if he was to do so -> if he were to do so [LM]
(er)291:Kai masteries warn -> Kai Mastery warns
(er)291:flight pass -> flight passes
(er)292:salute, 'I -> salute. 'I
(er)293:One group continues their charge -> One group continues its charge [LM]
(er)295:out-distance -> outdistance [PAMoS]
(er)295:despatch -> dispatch [ik: PAMoS]
(er)297:Grand Huntmastery -> Grand Weaponmastery
(er)299:my Lady -> my lady [LM]
(er)300:If you possess Magi-magic, and have attained the Kai rank of Grand Thane, or higher, -> [lm: 'or higher'?]
(er)300:[so: options 3 and 4 should be switched.]
(er)302:rain which -> rain, which
(er)303:swoops past, therefore fight -> swoops past; therefore fight [LM]
(er)308:candlemakers -> candle-makers [IK: as in section 112]
(er)312:If he was to do so -> If he were to do so [LM]
(er)313:says: Abisko--40 miles. -> says: 'Abisko--40 miles'. [LM]
(er)314:Lavas sky patrol -> Lavas Sky Patrol [LM]
(er)318:an startling -> a startling
(er)320:infra-red -> infrared [ik: as in 16tlov, 17tdoi]
(er)326:sixth senses are -> sixth sense is
(er)328:Fryelund forest -> Fryelund Forest
(er)328:add 1 -> add 1.
(er)328:a flight of winged lavas come -> a flight of winged lavas comes [LM]
(er)331:door, 'Raggin' -> door. 'Raggin'
(er)335:A mass...close in and hold -> A mass...closes in and holds
(er)336:bowskill -> skill with a bow
[jb: bow-skill]
(er)337:whispers, 'I -> whispers. 'I
(er)337:reopens -> re-opens [IK: as in the PAMoS]
(er)339:[so: Are the Mace prices the wrong way around?]
(er)340:pouring -> poring
(er)341, 343:add 1 -> add 1.
(er)346:eyes, 'you -> eyes. 'You
(er)346:Gods!--Our -> Gods! Our
(er)349:farm house -> farmhouse
(er)350:Crack! [onomatopoeia]
(er)350:Crack!, -> Crack!
(er)Combat Rules Summary:cross reference -> cross-reference
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Kai Disciplines -> Grand Master Disciplines
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Pick number from Random-> Pick a number from the Random
(er)Combat Rules Summary:Turn to Combat -> Turn to the Combat
(er)Combat Rules Summary:to random number -> to the random number
(er)Combat Rules Summary:when ENDURANCE -> when the ENDURANCE
(er)Combat Rules Summary:ignored, -> ignored;

Fixed Non-Errata
(ne)Title Page:Italy and Sweden -> Italy, and Sweden [LM]
[SO: Updated jdbiolw]
(ne)The Story So Far:-to -> <ch.emdash>to
(ne)The Story So Far:sever -> seven
(ne)The Story So Far[x6], 10, 45 [x2], 50, 60, 65, 70, 148, 218, 239, 250, 255, 267, 285, 289, 322, 337 [x2]:he -> the
(ne)The Story So Far:roost notably -> most notably [LM]
(ne)The Story So Far:of be Elder Magi -> of the Elder Magi [LM]
(ne)The Story So Far:sent forth host -> sent forth a host [LM]
(ft)The Game Rules:[The Discipline bonuses mentioned do not affect your permanent scores. If you have completed previous adventures, the Disciplines that you have mastered may still be beneficial. See the Grand Master Rules section of the Readers' Handbook for details.] [and link to:]
(ft)Disciplines:[The rules of the books in the Magnakai series (6-12) and the fact that the 'rank of Kai Grand Defender . . . means you are skilled in two . . . weapons' imply that for each book that you complete of the Grand Master series (13-20), you will gain mastery of an additional Weapon. For example, if you complete The Plague Lords of Ruel and have the Grand Master Discipline of Grand Weaponmastery at the beginning of the next book, you can choose an additional Weapon from the list to have mastery of.]
(ne)Equipment:from, the list below -> from the list below [LM]
(ne)Equipment:map of Northern Magnamund [so: make link to map]
(ne)Equipment:Backpack items -> Backpack Items
(ne)Equipment:bat -> that
(ne)Improved Disciplines:[A Kai Sun Lord using Kai-blast determines the damage inflicted on an enemy by picking two numbers from the Random Number Table. These numbers should be added together (a '0' = 1) and the resultant total equals the damage inflicted.]
(ne)Improved Disciplines:infra-vision -> infravision [so: occurs on a line-break]
(ne)Improved Disciplines:Kai-surge, Psi-surge or Mindblast -> Kai-surge, Psi-surge, or Mindblast [LM]
(ne)improved:water, mud, lava and quicksand -> water, mud, lava, and quicksand [LM]
(ne)Improved Disciplines:duration and degree of surface difficulty increases -> duration and degree of surface difficulty increase [LM]
(ft)Improved Disciplines:[The Strength spell is, in practice, also used in armed combat contrary to what is indicated here.]
(ne)1 [x2], 175, 238:Saxin [italicise]
(ne)1, 14, 85, 110, 174, 220, 255, 260, 307, 313:map [linkify]
(ne)2:Sense Evil [encode as Spell]
(ne)2:Into -> into
(ne)3:mall -> small
(ne)5:Strength [encode as Spell]
(ne)9, 82:Hold Enemy [encode as Spell]
(ne)14:Holona - SO -> Holona - 50
(ne)14:ENOURANCE -> <typ class="attribute>ENDURANCE</typ> [ik]
(ne)16:[so: choice 1 needs to link to Sect278 (link broken)]
(ne)18:sale -> safe
(ne)19:VANAMOR [so: <signpost> tags]
(ne)19:be the -> be inside the
(ne)20:horses -> horse's
(ne)20, 90, 168, 194, 308:façade [encode properly]
(ne)21:castle Tranius -> Castle Tranius
(ne)22:ultra-violet -> ultraviolet
(ne)25:good-night -> goodnight
(ne)26:ENCURANCE -> ENDURANCE [IK: resp. the correct XML magic]
(ne)26:(master thief):: -> (master thief): [tp] [so: Also fixed in 02tfc:99; 8:106; and 18:216]
(ne)27:cone -> come
(ne)28:watts -> waits
(ne)29:Ravens -> Raven's
(ne)31:Skyrider -> <cite>Skyrider</cite>
(ne)31:is and -> is sleeker and
(ne)31 [x2], 60:Cloud-dancer -> <cite>Cloud-dancer</cite>
(ne)36:you can work [italicise 'can']
(ne)36:boys -> boy's
(ne)37:our -> your
(ne)37:Invisible Fist [encode as Spell]
(ne)39:ho -> the
(ne)39:an combat -> in combat [LM]
(ne)40, 313:both [italicise]
(er)40:reach to the pocket -> reach into the pocket [LM]
(ne)42:at -> that
(ne)46, 52, 306:Levitation [encode as Spell]
(ne)48, 133:Is -> is [SO][LM]
(ne)48:Leather -> leather
(ne)49:n1ht -> night
(ne)49:come- -> come<ch.emdash/>
[IK: or endash?]
[so:<emdash> as per the original text.]
(ne)49:Raven's terie -> Raven's Eerie
(ne)50:COMBAT SNILL -> COMBAT SKILL [IK: resp. the correct XML magic]
(ne)50:Duadon guardsmen:: -> Duadon Guardsmen: [LM]
(ne)51:around -> ground
(ne)51:hat -> that
(ne)51:human band -> human hand [LM]
(ne)53:while light -> white light [LM]
(ne)54:Slow Fall [encode as Spell]
(ne)56:to be -> to the
(ne)59:10 -> to
(ne)60:Wolf' -> Wolf,'
(ne)60:where your are -> where you are [LM]
(ne)62:<ul> -> <signpost>
(ne)63:at then -> at them [SO][LM]
(ne)63:4ust -> just
(ne)63:urges -> lunges [SO][LM]
(ne)65:so chose -> so close [SO][LM]
(ne)65:him -> turn [and fix broken link] [SO][LM]
(ne)66:sinking bog -> stinking bog
(ne)67:this as -> this is [SO][LM]
(ne)68:modally -> mortally
(ne)70:[so: choice 1 should link to Sect163 (link broken)]
(ne)71:suddenly It -> suddenly it [SO][LM]
(ne)72:hail, Fired -> hall, fired
(ne)73:leaders -> leader's
(ne)75:tail -> tall
(ne)75, 325:} -> )
(ne)75:'Can replace it?' -> 'Can you replace it?' [LM]
(ne)78:battements -> battlements
(ne)78:lava -> lavas
(ne)78:quick1y -> quickly [LM]
(ne)79:Kat -> Kai
(ne)79, 174:Mind Charm [encode as Spell]
(ne)79:bps -> lips
(ne)81:gel -> get
(ne)82:tat -> that
(ne)82:cot -> loot
(ne)82:All this chaos his doing -> All this chaos is his doing [LM]
(ne)83:or -> for
(ne)84, 210:haying -> having
(ne)85:tide -> ride [SO][LM]
(ne)87:lord -> ford [LM]
(ne)89:Weapons List [link]
(ne)90:enhance -> entrance
(ne)92:(or -> for
(ne)92:rich arid fertile -> rich and fertile [LM]
(ne)92 [x2], 103, 138, 270, 323:Cold Crowns -> Gold Crowns [LM]
(ne)94:water-course -> watercourse
(ne)95:name be is -> name he is [LM]
(ne)95:be is -> he is
(ne)98:caps -> leaps
(ft)98:[jc: Is it possible to standardize this increased Sommerswerd bonus? I think it may be useful in book 20 (maybe in book 17 too)]
[so: Fixed in Books 16, 17, 19, and 20]
(ne)101:or combat -> for combat
(ne)101:dour -> your
(ne)102:eye, its -> eye. Its [SO][LM]
(ne)104:stifling -> stirring
(ne)104:hail -> hall
(ne)104:hailing -> trailing
(ne)104:him In -> him in
(ne)105:kern -> them
(ne)106, 206, 220:wail -> wall
(ne)109:Sliver Seal -> Silver Seal
(ne)110, 132, 161:trough -> through
(ne)112:west sate -> west gate [SO][LM]
(ne)112, 308:budding -> building [SO][LM]
(ne)112:his magnificent -> this magnificent
(ft)113:(may need to add a footnote reminding the reader to delete the entire oede herb or matho's potion from the action chart) [LM]
(ne)114:battlements, -> battlements.
(ne)117:pour -> your
(ne)120:candies -> candles
(ne)121:old -> aid
(ne)121:wax -> war
(ne)121:were -> we're
(ne)127:hut in -> but in [SO][LM]
(ne)130:War Boom -> War Room
(ne)130:swil -> swift
(ne)131:so1es -> soles
(ne)132:o -> to
(ne)132:from a through -> from a trough [LM]
(ne)135:lo -> to
(ne)138:[so: Put sign in <signpost> tags]
(ne)140:hack -> track
(ne)142:his skill -> this skill [LM]
(ne)145:Rat -> Kai
(ne)146:s1eep -> sleep
(ne)147:Iron -> from
(ne)147:return in -> return to
(ne)148:me of the cell -> out of the cell
(ne)149:bowling -> howling [SO][LM]
(ne)149:there Follows -> there follows [SO][LM]
(ne)150:tunnel through it flows. -> tunnel through which it flows. [LM]
(ne)151:above In -> above in [SO][LM]
(ne)151:legs, Quickly -> legs. Quickly [SO][LM]
(ne)154:Anion Chart -> Action Chart
(ne)158:and I reminds you -> and it reminds you [LM]
(ne)161:pay or your escape -> pay for your escape [LM]
(ne)168:mows -> knows
(ne)168:ala -> jala
(ne)168:Framed -> framed
(ne)172:fonts -> forms [SO][LM]
(ne)175:Lone Wolf [italicise]
(ne)180:Ask -> visit
(ne)180:corning -> coming
(ne)180:Heart. Frost -> Heart, Frost
(ne)185:or -> on
(ne)185:silt -> sift [SO][LM]
(ne)186:our natural -> your natural [SO][LM]
(ne)186:descent about too much difficulty -> descent without too much difficulty [LM]
(ne)188:along -> taking
(ft)188:40 Lune = 10 Gold Crowns.
(ne)197:dull-wined -> dull-witted
(ne)199:wish -> with
(ne)200:[so: choice 3 should link to Sect303 (link broken)]
(ne)200:force s sufficient -> force is sufficient [LM]
(ne)200:It flies you -> It fixes you [LM]
(ne)201, 347:or -> for
(ne)202:scorning -> scouring
(ne)202:river hank -> river bank
(ne)202:post us -> post is
(ne)205:be was -> he was [SO][LM]
(ne)206:thrusts his danger -> thrusts his dagger [LM]
(ne)213:[so: should link to Section 316 (link broken)]
(ne)213:Turo -> Turn
(ne)215:Captains -> Captain's
(ne)215:250 -> 250.
(ne)216:imniune -> immune
(ne)216:ENOURANCE -> ENDURANCE [IK: resp. the correct XML magic]
(ne)219:kai -> Kai
(ne)227:Breathe Water [encode as Spell]
(ne)230:Magi-magic, and have reached the Kai rank of Grand Thane turn to 322 -> Magi-magic, and have reached the Kai rank of Grand Thane, turn to 322 [LM]
(ne)230:ho -> no
(ne)231:quizically -> quizzically
(ne)231:Im -> I'm
(ne)232:Kai-alchemy and -> Kai-alchemy, and
(ft)234:[so: You may also pay the blacksmith in Lune if you have sufficient currency.]
(ne)236:ENOURANCE -> <typ class="attribute>ENDURANCE</typ>
(ne)236:however as -> however, as
(ne)236:maniac ecstatic -> maniac, ecstatic
(ne)238:jourmey -> journey
(ne)238:all. Grand -> all, Grand
(ne)238:Master.' she -> Master,' she
(ne)238:homewards,' -> homewards.' [LM]
(ne)240:yreen -> green
(ne)242:Dilscipline -> Discipline
(ne)255:mans -> man's
(ne)256:well' -> well.'
(ne)257:and feel -> and feet [SO][LM]
(ne)260:sooth -> south
(ne)260:map,, -> map, [LM]
(ne)260 [and others]:[so: beautify table layout]
(ne)262:Levitation [so: encode as Spell]
(ne)268:cut oft -> cut off
(ne)271:be -> he
(ne)271, 347:dyer -> river
(ne)271:hold off -> hold of
(ne)273:Slow Fall [so: encode as Spell]
(ne)274:Lightning Hand [so: encode as Spell]
(ne)274:peppers lie area -> peppers the area [LM]
(ne)278:hiring -> hitting [SO][LM]
(ne)285:los. of life -> loss of life
(ne)289:in die in -> to die in
(ne)297:Penetrate [encode as spell]
(ne)298:ENDUNANCE -> <typ class="attribute>ENDURANCE</typ>
(ne)303:one round only [italicise]
(ne)311:dagger hold -> dagger held
(ne)312:lose S -> lose 5
(ne)318 [Cap]:Whadaya -> Whadya
(ne)320:seer -> seen
(ne)322:Power Glyph [encode as spell]
(ne)322:piled -> pitted
(ne)324:budge -> bridge [SO][LM]
(ne)325:(0, 2, 4, 6, 8} -> (0, 2, 4, 6, 8) [LM]
(ne)328:Grand Huntmastery add 1 -> Grand Huntmastery, add 1 [LM]
(ne)335:Spurting -> Spurring [SO][LM]
(ne)339:[Convert table layout using CSS]
(ft)339:[Jan Charvát: (April 2008) Maybe there should be specified the details of armoury LW could buy. For example: Helmet - Special Item (+ 2 EP) maybe? However, there is question about Breastplates, maybe they can provide +2 EP too (according to the same cost)]
[jb: Agreed about the Helmet, though we should be pretty tentative about the Breastplates, a "you can play this way if you like, but it really isn't official" kind of thing.]
(ne)345:burled -> hurled
(ne)346 [Cap]:higed -> hinged
(ne)348:200 -> 100
(ne)349:wonders freely -> wanders freely [LM]
(ne)350:fades it -> fades. It
(ne)350:which is entitled: Wolf' Bane -> which is entitled: Wolf's Bane [LM]

Illustration Placements
small 12 Kai vs. Lavas[so: 49, 282]
small 2Retreating Soldiers + Wounded[so: 121]
small 3Bridge Soldiers[so: 140]
small 4Lone Wolf horseback[so: 244, 323]
small 5Nadziran Stave[so: 101]
small 6Horseshoes[so: 75]
small 7Ship (Saxin?)[so: 1]
small 8Shadow Gate[so: 40]
small 9Kai & Royal Arms Banners[so: 350]
small 10Kraan[so: 154]
small 11Lyris, Eldenora, Varetta, Salony shields[so: 59, ]
small 12Cloud-dancer[so: 60]

(er)The Story So Far:chamber, wrought of granite and gold, you -> chamber wrought of granite and gold you
(ft)The Game Rules:[Note that this list now includes the Silver Bracers and Korlinium Scabbard. These items are restored to the list of permissible items from the Kai and Magnakai series again in this book after being omitted beginning in The Captives of Kaag. Presumably, therefore, it should be permissible to leave the Silver Bracers and Korlinium Scabbard in safekeeping at the monastery during the previous books and retrieve them at the outset of this adventure.]
[ik: this is only relevant in Book 17]
(er)The Game Rules:(you -> (You [LM]
[so: Does this affect the other GM books?]
[jb: Parenthetical clauses inside a sentence require no capitalization nor punctuation.]
(er)The Game Rules:Lone Wolf Kai (Books 1-5) and Magnakai (Books 6-12) series -> Lone Wolf Kai (Books 1-5) and Magnakai (Books 6-12) serieses [LM]
[so: Series is a plural noun, like "sheep".]
(er)Disciplines:languages, decipher symbols, read -> languages; decipher symbols; read [LM]
[so: comma separation is acceptable with short clauses in a list.]
(er)Equipment:your monastery -> your Monastery
(er)Kai Wisdom:a wise choice will enable any player -> a wise choice will enable all players (to agree with 'their' in number) [LeRoy McSwain, Jan 2007]
(er)6, 149, 218, 223, 258:head-first [so: should this be hyphenated?]
[yes, all adverbs]
(er)9:Old Kingdom Spell -> Old Kingdom spell [LM]
[so: Old Kingdom Spell is correct as it mirrors Brotherhood Spell and Kai Discipline]
(er)12:camouflage and tracking -> Camouflage and Tracking
(er)26:Bargee (master thief):: -> Bargee (Master Thief): (i was thinking that names of opponents must be capitalised in the style of titles. none of the ones in this book seem to be though. if i have marked them in error, please ignore this and the others. i flagged all of them.) [LM]
[jb: This is a tough call, but I think this is just descriptive of the Bargee, not his name or title.]
(er)31:west gate -> West Gate
[jb: There's no indication anywhere in the book that this is a proper noun.]
(er)36:I be -> I'll be [so: colloq. phrase is 'I'll be a...'
(er)38, 94, 350:north gate -> North Gate
(er)38:running foul -> running afoul
[jb: this idiom is OK as-is. Here's what has: "40. run foul / afoul of, to come into collision or controversy with: to run foul of the press." (]
(er)40:reach to the pocket -> reach into the pocket [LM]
(er)41, 93, 94, 108, 159, 196, 206, 211, 217, 230 [x2], 232 [x3], 233, 276, 285, 300, 301:Kai rank of -> rank of
(er)44:Barons and Fryearls -> barons and fryearls -> (cf. ref. 60 Sommlending barons ) [LM]
(er)45, 86, 347:Lucky Bucket inn -> Lucky Bucket Inn [SO][LM]
(er)48, 61, 135:my Lord -> my lord [LM]
(er)56, 177, 327:south gate -> South Gate
(er)64:middle distance -> middle-distance
(er)72:feet-first [so: Is this correct?]
[ik: yes, adverb]
(er)77, 96, 116, 119, 125, 161, 177, 202:camouflage -> Camouflage
(er)86, 128, 151, 164, 219, 246, 310:Kai healing -> Kai Healing
(er)87, 221, 298, 327:Kai camouflage -> Kai Camouflage
(er)94:warhorse [Is this OK?]
(er)99:you may never -> you may not
[jb: I'm can see where this is coming from, but I don't think "never" is really wrong.]
(er)103:draughty -> drafty [so: maybe?]
(er)111:court cavalrymen -> Court Cavalrymen
(er)119:enable -> enables
(er)121:High-Mayor -> High Mayor [x2] [so: Check with TMC]
(er)121:cut-throats -> cutthroats [so: maybe?]
[ik: no, 'cut-throat(s)' is used consistently in all books
(er)133, 324:head-down [so: is this correct?]
[ik: I'd say yes since it's used as adverb.
(er)137:Kai curing -> Kai Curing [so: or, Kai Healing]
(er)164:renegade Nadziranim magicians -> renegade Nadziran magicians (i had to say it) [LM]
[jb: Now that you said it, I have to take it seriously. :) That is the only instance of that particular phrase in all the books we've XMLized so far, so I'm going to indulge my inner pedant even though it may confuse some readers.]
(er)184:Lavas -> (elsewhere has 'lavas') [LM]
(er)190:It is the mid-afternoon -> It is mid-afternoon
(er)197:ceases to sweep -> ceases sweeping
(er)220:Cener Druids -> Cener druids
(er)238:a swervingly swift journey [so: "swervingly" is not a word]
[jb: Maybe it's just me, but I read this as "so fast that it causes the carriage to swerve through the streets". Surely this is what the author meant. I don't see anything particularly wrong with "swervingly" as a word. It seems to follow the general principles of English word synthesis, even if it doesn't appear in a dictionary.]
(er)240:by plants, the roofs -> by plants; the roofs [LM]
(er)244, 323:east gate -> East Gate
(er)251:by cramp -> by cramps [LM]
[SO: 'Cramp' is 'a piercing pain in the abdomen'.
(er)257:feet-first [so: is this OK?]
[ik: yes, adverb]
(er)259:Alright -> All right [tp]
[bk: According to "Although 'alright' is a common spelling in written dialogue and in other types of informal writing, 'all right' is used in more formal, edited writing." Since both of these uses are in dialogue, I'd say reject.]
[tp: In my experience, the emphasis is on informal rather than "written dialogue". "Alright" is usually treated as a nonstandard synonym of "all right". But I'd accept it in dialogue if that's the prevailing opinion]
[jb: Regardless of pronunciation, I think "alright" can help convey in the reader's mind a colloquial feeling even it it isn't pronounced differently (especially readers who know that "alright" is frowned on). As Grammar Girl pointed out "[the] American Heritage Guide to Contemporary Usage and Style [...] states that 'alright' as one word 'has never been accepted as standard' but it then goes on to explain that 'all right' as two words and 'alright' as one word have two distinct meanings. It gives the example of the sentence 'The figures are all right.' When you use 'all right' as two words, the sentence means 'the figures are all accurate.' When you write 'The figures are alright,' with 'alright' as one word, this source explains that the sentence means 'the figures are satisfactory.'" I think "alright" is headed toward standardization anyway. I vote for reject.]
(er)264:The increased buoyancy -> Your buoyancy (technically, the buoyancy is not increased because it is based upon quantity of water displaced, not upon weight) [LM]
[jb: Actually, the amount of water displaced depends on the density of the object in the water. The density is proportional to the mass which is proportional to weight. My engineering degree should be good for something once in a while.]
(er)271:you hazard is full of enemy archers -> you hazard a guess is full of enemy archers [LM]
[SO: British idiom; 'you hazard a guess is perfectly OK]
(er)285, 300:Grand Thane, or -> Grand Thane or
[jb: Grand Thane is the highest currently possible.]
(er)286, 312:telegnosis -> Telegnosis [see context]
(er)313:sizeable -> sizable
[jb: "sizeable" is legit]
(er)319:Kai tracking -> Kai Tracking
(er)323:'Denka Gate' -> Denka Gate [<signpost> tags?]
[jb: Those are only for signposts that stand as their own paragraph.]
(er)337:healing -> Healing [so: maybe?]
(er)340:northern quarter -> Northern Quarter
(er)341:nose-first [so: is this OK?]
[ik: yes, adverb
(er)348:Lavas -> (elsewhere has 'lavas') [LM]