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Friday, April 25, 2008

Lone Wolf Obscurica

On Wednesday we published the "Joe Dever's Tabletop Heroes" PDF file. Although its release was not with any great fanfare, it marked the end of several months of painstaking work to compile these twenty-year-old columns from scans taken from old White Dwarf magazines. On the download page we wrote:
Joe Dever's Tabletop Heroes was a regular two-page monthly column in White Dwarf magazine between issues #52 (April 1984) and #77 (May 1986). The first 15 are credited as being co-written with Gary Chalk.

The column was devoted to reviews of contemporary miniature releases, but covered other aspects of relevance to miniature collectors, such as painting and photography techniques. As such, while this document will not necessarily be of interest to all fans of Joe Dever's Lone Wolf gamebooks, it is part of his body of work and merits a place on the Project Aon site.
It seems, therefore, a good opportunity to publicise some of the other documents that Project Aon has compiled regarding Joe Dever's other works.

Issue #4 of GamesMaster magazine (December 1988) contained a competition in the form of a rewritten mini-adventure based on The Battle of Cetza from Lone Wolf #10:
The Dungeons of Torgar. It also featured a two-page interview with the Wytch-king himself--Ian Page. We have faithfully recreated the pertinent parts of this magazine for the benefit of Lone Wolf fans out there.

To date, there have been three official 8-bit Lone Wolf computer games, the most recent of which was The Mirror of Death in 1991. We have collected as many previews, reviews, walkthroughs, and associated articles from the computer press as we could find in the Lone Wolf Computer Games document. The software is not currently hosted on the Project Aon site, though the games can be found on other sites, such as World of Spectrum.

We have a separate document for tracking information pertaining to the forthcoming Ksatria computer game in Lone Wolf Ksatria Articles.

We have attempted to photographically catalogue all of the official Lone Wolf Miniatures in another document. Included are photographs of all of the Games Workshop range of miniatures, as well as scans of the original box packaging and official adverts from Games Workshop.

And finally, there are the two Lone Wolf Miscellaneous documents. The first deals with mail order forms, pricelists, and adverts relating to Lone Wolf and other items developed by Joe Dever. The second is comprised of various correspondence with Joe Dever, and related images, as well as reproducing articles written by Joe Dever, or about his works.

Of course, there are bound to be plenty of magazine articles that we are missing. For example, we have little or no previews or reviews of The Mirror of Death for the Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, C64/128, and MSX platforms. Also, we are aware of a number of articles relating to Joe Dever/Lone Wolf in magazines we have been unable to track down.

If you have any back-issues of role-playing or computer magazines from the 80s and 90s, you might be able to help us track down some known (or unknown) articles such as those found on the Wishlist. If you can help us, please Contact Us with more details. Your fellow fans will be most thankful.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!


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