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Lone Wolf Act 4 – Dawn Over V’Taag

I’m very pleased and excited to announce that Act 4 (“Dawn Over V’Taag” ) of my Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf game will be released on November 20th for iOS and Android tablets and smart-phones. For the developers (Forge Reply) and myself, the release of this climactic final Act will be a great moment. It marks […]

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Good News Week for Lone Wolf!

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game has exceeded 200% funding, the launch of the Ensamma Vargen game and re-publication of the game books in Swedish sold out, and now the Lone Wolf tablet/smartphone game has exceeded 2 million downloads… has this been a great week for Lone Wolf or what! Simply amazing! My sincere thanks to […]

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Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs

Gary Chalk and Tin Man Games have released a new gamebook app named Gary Chalk’s Gun Dogs. So what is Gun Dogs and why should you read it? Jamie first approached us in 2011 and proposed a number of titles in collaboration with Gary. Gun Dogs shone out as something rather special and they both […]

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Worldwide Release of Blood on the Snow

I’m very pleased to announce today (Nov 14, 2013) the worldwide release of the new Lone Wolf game Blood on the Snow for iOS and Android tablet and smart phone devices. It costs just US$4.99 (GBP2.99). Follow the link to the official website for further details:

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