What is Project Aon?

Project Aon is a site dedicated to offering the original Lone Wolf books for free (you can only use them for personal use though, as stated in the Project Aon License). The books have been ported to HTML by a group of volunteers and loving fans, and can be read on the site itself or downloaded to be browsed offline.

No need to say that without the Project Aon work, LoneWolfDS would not have been possible. So big thanks to you, guys!


For more information, please visit the PROJECT AON SITE.


Also, if you want to support the Project Aon site team, you can make a donation HERE
(Note that this donation won't go to me directly but to the Project Aon team instead. If you want to make a direct donation to me, the LoneWolfDs' author,
please use the button on the Downloads page. )