Welcome to the LoneWolfDS site!

This project has begun as a way to learn how to program on the Nintendo DS. After seeing how the DS was used vertically as a book by some famous games, I thought it would be really cool to have some old gamebooks converted on this system.
Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, it was not really easy to find good contents to use as a working base. Then I found the Project Aon site, which offered many books from the award-winning Lone Wolf series, fully converted to HTML by some loving fans.

For those who didn't know about Gamebooks, they were novels which had a nice success during the 80's, and which were allowing the readers to choose their own path by jumping from one numbered section to another, in a fun and interactive way. They were introducing the concepts of inventory, enemies fights, random dice results, and other nice ideas which were the precursors of what we find today in modern role playing video games.
The philosophy behind the port of the Lone Wolf books to the DS is to let the console handle all the rules related to combats, stats and so on, so the player can be really immersed in the story and doesn't need to bother with the gameplay elements.

For now, the first 3 volumes of the series are available. If you find a bug, have a suggestion, or simply want to contact me, please feel
free to write to lonewolfds<at>free.fr (replace the "<at>" by the "@" symbol). Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Frédéric Calendini

LoneWolfDS has won the first place in the NEO Spring Competition 2008 (NDS Games category)!
Big thanks to all the people who supported this project! :)