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Lobo Solitario & Zombies

Publicado: 30-Oct-2013, 17:40
por Agarash
Estaba leyendo el argumento de las aventuras que vienen con las ediciones para coleccionista de LS y aunque los zombies no son raros en Magnamund (por ejemplo los zombies del barco en el segundo libro o los que resucita Roark en el sexto) me llamó la atención una historia que ya se ha convertido en saga:

Darkness Most Dire
You are a soldier from the Freeland Alliance. Or so you were. You are now a zombie, walking in the endless halls of Kaag Tower. One day, you cross path with Lone Wolf, who came looking for his friend Banedon. This short meeting brings you back to your sense: you now want to escape from Kaag. How an undead being could possibly succeed in this quest?

A Long and Dire Road
This is the sequel to Darkness Most Dire. After fleeing Kaag, you arrive to the Durncrag Mountains. You are about to start crossing them to enter Sommerlund when you hear human cries. As a zombie, what will be the choices that will lead you out of the Darklands?

Dire Straights
The story is the third part in the continuing story of Dire, a Talestrian soldier cursed with undeath and blessed by Kai.

Vaya pintaza! :smt026