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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Northern Magnamund Mapped!

The full-colour maps on the inside covers are what initially drew many to the Lone Wolf gamebooks. Joe Dever's well-realised world of Magnamund seemed so vibrant and colourful thanks to these masterful illustrations. Each map only covered a small area, though, and the detail was missing from the large-scale maps of Northern Magnamund.

Well, thanks to long-time Project Aon volunteer Jan Charvát, the whole of Northern Magnamund has finally been mapped based on the original artwork. Using the coastal outline of Northern Magnamund from the map in The Prisoners of Time as a starting point, Jan has masterfully combined all the other maps into one huge image, showing roads, settlements and labels from the original maps.

Since Project Aon does not host fan-based work, Jan has allowed it to be hosted on the site of another Project Aon volunteer so that other Lone Wolf fans can enjoy the results of his hard work. Hopefully this will help tide fans over until the release of Voyage of the Moonstone.

Addendum: Jan has also sent a map of Southern Magnamund in the same style, and also a composite map showing both continents! These images are absolutely fantastic, and Jan deserves a huge amount of kudos for managing to compile these!

Simon Osborne
Project Aon

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Curse of Naar Published!

You are the warrior Lone Wolf—Kai Grand Master of Sommerlund. Fresh from your victory over your evil alter-ego, Wolf's Bane, reluctantly you are forced to return to the Plane of Darkness. For there you glimpsed the fabled Moonstone and you have sworn to save this gem of mystical power from the clutches of Naar—the King of Ultimate Darkness.

In The Curse of Naar, you must venture once more through the Shadow Gate and confront the Dark God. Only by finding and retrieving the Moonstone can you hope to save your world from invasion by Naar's armies of night. In this ultimate Grand Master challenge, your life and the future of your entire world is at stake!"

It is with great pleasure that I announce our publication of the last gamebook where you take the role of Lone Wolf, last of the First Order Kai. It has been a long journey to get to this point, and I am gratified to recall the dedication and skill of my fellow volunteers as we have worked on Project Aon these past nine years. I am also pleased by all of the interest you have shown and support you have given. Thank you.

Never fear, we have more adventures yet to come. Our next publication will be Voyage of the Moonstone wherein one of Lone Wolf's star pupils is given the critical task of returning the Moonstone to the Isle of Lorn—assuming that you ensure Lone Wolf's success in wresting it from Naar's grasp in our current release: The Curse of Naar. The fate of Magnamund—and all of Aon—hangs in the balance.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thog's Blog

I just stumbled on Paul Barnett's LiveJournal. He's the author of the Legends of Lone Wolf novelizations. His nom de plume is John Grant.