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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Voyage of the Moonstone Published!

The Moonstone is a legendary artefact that was created by the god-like Shianti. It contains the might of all their magic and wisdom, the sum of their divine knowledge. Lone Wolf—Supreme Master of the Kai—has succeeded in retrieving it from the clutches of Naar, the King of the Darkness.

Now the Moonstone must be returned to its creators who are exiled upon the remote Isle of Lorn in Southern Magnamund. Someone must take the fabled artefact to the Shianti and Lone Wolf has chosen you, the most promising warrior among the ranks of the New Order Kai, to carry out this vital mission. Armed with the special weapons and skills of a New Order Grand Master, you embark upon a secret voyage to the distant Isle of Lorn. However, your mission quickly becomes a life-and-death struggle when you encounter intrigue and deadly danger en route.

It gives me pleasure to announce the publication of Voyage of the Moonstone, the first of the New Order series which puts you in control of the destiny of the most talented new Grand Master in the New Order of the Kai.

On a personal note, as an American fan, I waited for years for gamebooks beyond The Curse of Naar to be published. I would stop in a bookstore once in a while to see if they had arrived yet. The New Order series has never arrived on American bookshelves. So I am happy to play a part in officially bringing this series to new lands after such a long wait.

For all of the volunteers in Project Aon, may Ishir and Kai guide you on your journey.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Jonathan Blake


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