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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Highway Holocaust Published

You are Cal Phoenix, the Freeway Warrior, champion and protector of Dallas Colony One. A murderous gang of HAVOC clansmen, led by the psychotic Mad Dog Michigan, are bent on destroying your fragile colony as it crosses the wastelands of Texas on the first stage of a life-or-death exodus to the California coast. These bike-riding clansmen are a formidable enemy: armed, cunning, and extremely dangerous, capable of launching a lightning raid at any time, day or night. You will need all your wits about you if you are to defend your people and reach your destination intact!

Keeping the momentum going, we've published the first of the Freeway Warrior series, Highway Holocaust. I understand that this series holds a special place in Joe Dever's heart, and if you haven't experienced it before, I think you'll like it. The storytelling and gameplay are very similar to Lone Wolf, but the story is set in a post-apocalyptic America.

This is the first book with full Unicode and PNG support which will make things look more polished, but if you experience any problems, let us know.

Once you've completed the adventure, also make sure to check out our latest creation (that's actually been lurking in the background for years), the Flowchart, a diagram of all the paths through the book.

As always, enjoy!

Jonathan Blake
Project Aon


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