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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Peter Andrew Jones--Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains will soon be upon us!

One of the foremost contributors to the artistic visions of the world of Magnamund is Peter Andrew Jones. He painted the covers for the Red Fox editions of Lone Wolf books 1-20, and his cover art appeared on several other translations including French and Italian. In the eyes of many fans, his style helped establish a cohesive and consistent look to the Lone Wolf books.

Recently, Peter has announced that he would be publishing a retrospective of his role-playing and computer game art, including his work on the covers for the Lone Wolf books, and also incorporating his work on the Fighting Fantasy and Falcon gamebook series, among others. Called Heroes and Villains, the strictly limited-edition book is scheduled to be available in April 2008. (It is currently unclear as to whether there will be a non-limited edition if there is sufficient interest.)

If you have any comments regarding his cover artwork for the Lone Wolf series, or his work for other RPG/computer game titles, Peter would like to hear from you. Peter has requested feedback/input from fans of his work, whose comments might be included as part of a "fan page" in the book.

More information can be found via Peter Andrew Jones' website.


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