Project Aon

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  • Redesign website to be mobile-friendly/responsive
  • Redesign standard edition books to be mobile-friendly/responsive
  • PDF editions
  • Improve ebook editions (and create ebooks for Freeway Warrior series)
  • Improve bibliography, including book covers
  • Improve the SVG path flowcharts to include more info (e.g. required discipline for path)
  • Upgrade standard edition books to have optional game playing aid built in
  • Include microdata in books
  • Rescan of interior illustrations for books 1-8
  • Create Google sitemap
  • Replace action chart graphics with illustrations from original books
  • Replace Combat Results Table graphic
  • Include Souvenir or Sunset font in books
  • Include 150 dpi illustrations on high definition screens
  • improve print CSS for books and website
  • (Request) Scan Legends of Lone Wolf maps/vignettes at 300dpi resolution
  • create zoomable map of Magnamund using Polymaps