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Translating interviews

Publicado: 09-Ene-2006, 7:49
por Meneldur
Hello !

I'm new here (and a little lost also...I really should have more listened my Spanish lessons), so a little presentation could be useful : Meneldur, 17, from France. I've created a French forum to speak about Lone Wolf, and the website is coming soon (anyway, this website is really impressive, congratulations!).

(I speak now to the administrators of the website) I've seen an interview of Joe Dever on your site, and I'd like to translate it into French, to make French people take advantage of it. So, would you allow me to translate and put it into this future website ?

Meneldur, hoping he hasn't made any mistake...

Yes, I know, my English is full of mistakes. I'm better to translate from English to French than the contrary, happily.

Publicado: 09-Ene-2006, 9:42
por Brown
Hello Meneldur. I'm really happy to see you here and I thank your words about our website.
You can translate the interview for your new website, but you must add a link to our site as the source of the interview. Nothing else.
I hope your forum and site go really well. Good luck with your project and write us more about Lone Wolf!!! ;-)

Publicado: 09-Ene-2006, 10:44
por Meneldur
Thanks a lot!

Oh, by the way, just one thing: Tolkien is spelt so, not Tolkein (as I could saw into the interview of Joe Dever) :smt002

Publicado: 09-Ene-2006, 15:48
por Brown
Jajaja. It's true, but it's what Dever said us. :-D

Publicado: 09-Ene-2006, 20:03
por Meneldur
Brown escribió:Jajaja. It's true, but it's what Dever said us. :-D
He was right : Tolkien must be pronounced Tolkeen, but spelt Tolkien (the English critics of the Lord of the Rings made several times this mistake :P).

I think I'm a little offtopic.