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The Darke Crusade

by Joe Dever and Brian Williams (illustrator)

You are the warrior Lone Wolf—Kai Grand Master of Sommerlund. In the distant realm of Nyras a bitter war is waging between the brave knights of Lencia and the evil Drakkarim. The Lencians have won many battles, but now the Drakkarim leader—Warlord Magnaarn—is near to finding the Doomstone of Darke. If he should succeed he will be capable of destroying the Lencians once and for all.

In The Darke Crusade, you must journey through the infernal Hellswamp, trek deep into the forests of northern Nyras and brave the heat of battle. Will you succeed and save your allies? Or will you fall victim to Warlord Magnaarn?

book revised 28th October 2012

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