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Joe Dever has most generously offered to allow some of his books to be published on the internet thereafter to be downloaded free-of-charge. Rob Adams, Paul Bonner, Gary Chalk, Melvyn Grant, Richard Hook, Peter Andrew Jones, Cyril Julien, Peter Lyon, Peter Parr, Graham Round, and Brian Williams have also generously offered similar permission for their contributions to the world of Magnamund. Project Aon is a volunteer group of fans dedicated to publishing these works.

"I would be especially pleased if my granting of the rights to distribute my books in this way was seen as my 'millennium gift' to all those devoted readers who have kept the Kai flag flying high, through all the good times, and the not-so-good. It would make me very proud indeed if this enterprise laid the foundations of a lasting legacy, securing the longevity of Lone Wolf by making my creation freely and readily accessible to current and future online generations. For them, for us, for Sommerlund and the Kai.…"
Joe Dever 1999

The Hunger of Sejanoz Published!

25 June 2014

We've published the last Lone Wolf book!

A visit to the fabulous court of Xo-lin is disrupted when news of the invasion arrives at the venerable emperor's palace in Pensei. The evil Autarch Sejanoz of Bhanar has launched a sudden and devastating attack upon Xo-lin's ancient realm. With the tyrant's armies swarming across his borders, the aged Xo-lin is forced to flee his imperial palace and seek sanctuary in the distant city of Tazhan. In The Hunger of Sejanoz, your mission is to escort the aged emperor and his entourage safely across the Great Lissan Plain to Tazhan. Will you succeed in your perilous task … or will you and your charges fall victim to the merciless forces of the Autarch?

See what other fans have said about Project Aon. For the details of the offer, please read the Project Aon License.

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